How is an Appointment Arranged?

It is necessary that we work by appointment. Our office hours are flexible but normally you can reach us at 909-880-1600. We will make special arrangements in certain cases. Unfortunately, emergencies do occur which occasionally cause delays in our schedule. However we will try to do our best to honor your appointment time. If a cancellation is absolutely necessary, we request at least a 48-hour notice. We greatly appreciate it.


What Happens on my First Visit?

When you first arrive we will discuss your medical history as it relates to your dental care. then we will evaluate your teeth, gums and other soft tissue of the mouth. We may need recent x-rays along with other diagnostic devices. Finally, we will put together a complete treatment plan, before proceeding with treatment. We will make sure you thoroughly understand what is necessary, what the options are, and what the fees will be.


Do I need X-Rays?

Yes. To discover and protect you from any hidden diseased conditions. We use digital x-ray, so exposure to radiation will be much lower than conventional x-ray.


What If I Have Extreme Pain Over the Weekend?

When an emergency arises during office hours, we will make every effort to see you immediately. If the emergency occurs when we are not in the office, please call the office and follow the instructions. We will get back to you at the earliest possible time to relieve emergency situation. 


Do You Accept My Insurance?

Call us! we will be happy to look into it for you and our staff will assist you. Insurance companies have a deductible and a yearly maximum. Your insurance company may deny payment of necessary treatment. From time to time, patients are disappointed with their reimbursements. Some carriers pay a percentage of the actual bill and others pay a percentage of a fee arbitrarily set by the insurance company. It will vary depending on the plan you have purchased. Therefore, the actual dollar amount you will receive cannot be determined by our office. Please understand that Professional care is provided to you, our patient, and not to the insurance company. Thus the insurance company is responsible to you the patient, and you to us. After your insurance claim has been processed we will either bill you for the unpaid balance or issue you a check for any over payment. Keep in mind that prevention and early detection of problems are the least expensive forms of insurance.


Do I Have To Get A Shot or Drill Every Time?

Obviously Not. If we find the cavity early, the Micro Abrasion offers state-of-the-art computer technology that delivers a gentle abrasive stream of particles to the cavity. Actually there is no need for the hand piece to make contact with the tooth. 

One of the main benefits is lack of heat and vibration usually associated with the dental drill.

As a result, the most patients report no unpleasant sensation and no pain.


How Early Do My Children Need To Be Seen?

As soon as you start to see teeth in their mouth. Many people carry a fear of dentists all of their lives because of their first unforgettable experience as a child. Our goal is to create a comfortable first impression and avoid that fear.


Thank You Very Much

We have a special relationship with our patients and value the trust they put in us. Please do not hesitate to dicuss any questions you may have about our services and office policies. If at any time you have questions regarding treatment, fees, or service, please discuss them with us promptly and frankly. We will make every effort to avoid misunderstanding, rectify an error, and preserve a friendship.



Together Our Goal...

Our goal for good health might take awhile to reach, but if we both understand where we are heading and set a goal in that direction, we can look forward to seeing your family enjoy good dental health and a pleasant association with our office. Our staff is expertly trained and competent in their profession. Please place your complete confidence in us. Once again, Good dental health is not a one-time affair. Let's build a strong and mutually respectful long-term relationship by sharing a common treatment philosophy for you and your family's well-being. We know that your smile means a lot to you... and a lot to us.



Sean S. Lee, D.D.S.