Our Very Special Dentist....


Sean S. Lee, D.D.S.


seanlee.jpgAfter receiving his Doctorate degree in Dental Surgery, at the University of California, Los Angeles, thus far he has completed more than 70 research projects. An avid researcher, he has most recently focused his interest in the areas of oral malodor and tooth whitening. He has pursued numerous research projects resulting in nearly 70 publications including abstracts in the literature. He is the author of a book "Breath:Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment or Oral malodor". This book was intended to provide information on oral malodor for clinicians. As an avid educator, he maintains a full time faculty appointment. Presently, he serves as a professor of Restorative Dentistry and Director of Clinical Research at the Center for Dental Research, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in California. Consistency, diligence and integrity define his character. The traits readily acknowledged and appreciated by friends and coworkers alike. 


As a dental professional, patient's total well-being is as important to him as their teeth. He will take time to listen to patient concerns, then research the problem and do what is the best for them. No short cuts will be taken.


He resides in the area with his family.


We Promise that:


We appreciate you for choosing us as your family dentist in San Bernardino to serve your dental health needs. Some people go to the dentist to maintain good, strong teeth, while some go to relieve discomfort. Whatever the reason, prior to the appointment, everyone experiences a little apprehension; however, once the process has begun and is completed, "You'll Smile With Us".


1. We will never knowingly hurt you.

2. We will have a special relationship with our patients and value the trust they put in us.

3. We will use the best and longest lasting dental materials available and instruments will be completely  sterilized.

4. You will always be treated with courtesy and respect.

5. Fees will openly be discussed with you at your request.

6. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and suggestions.

7. We will update our knowledge throughout the year to keep us abreast of the latest technology and treatment modalities in the good "old fashioned" style.


We ask that:

1. You keep and respect your appointment times.

2. You pay your bill promptly or as otherwise arranged with the office manager. Without your payment, it is not possible to maintain this faculty.

3. You actively participate in understanding and making decisions affecting your oral health.